The images tell the story, but the music tells you how to feel. Through years of songwriting, I realized the strong influence that video game and film aesthetics had on me as a child, teenager, and later as a songwriter.

Koji Kondo (Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros), Joe Hishaishi (Studio Ghibli) and of course, Hans Zimmer (Interstellar,pirates of the Caribbean) made me travel, dream and above all, make me happy through their soundtracks.

I feel like it’s my turn to bring those wonderful feelings to today’s gamers and viewers. In ‘Harda Hatta’ we care about the feeling, but we care that the music is connected to the story, we give each character/situation its own late motive. We are very creative, but at the same time we are fully capable of changing things and adjusting the music and sound effects until it fits your project perfectly.

We would be delighted to provide you with a budget quote upon request.

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