Dead no-Head

About this game

Dead No-Head is a third person action adventure story rich game about a dead man who is on a mission of searching for his head. Uncover the mystery of “The Absent”. You play as Norix, a dead man resurrected by Devon’s wizard named Urius for an important mission but Norix only remember that The Absent took his head. Explore Dungeons, Forests and many other environments to find your head and the existence of “The Absent”. Norix also has an interesting set of abilities like he can see invisible things and can manipulate time.


  • Experience Dead Man’s intense story from a headless dead man to a hardened survivor.
  • An All-New Third Person Experience: Explore mysterious caves and jungle environments filled with environmental puzzles, visceral combat, and abilities to learn.
  • Fight to Live: Gain experience, and upgrade Norix’s weapons and abilities to survive the environment’s hostile inhabitants.
  • Abilities: Learn unique abilities to help Norix find his head.

I am a solo developer and I tried my best to provide you a good game and I took inspiration from old school 3D games to develop puzzles and combat of Dead No-Head.

Original soundtrack of Dead No-Head is composed by Harda Hatta.

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